Oil Chiller

An oil chiller is a device that you will use in the process of cooling different types of oils on different types of machines.you will use the oil chiller cool different types of oil,hydraulic oil and cooling oil.

Oil chillers are widely used in CNC processing machines. When the CNC machine tool is processed, it needs to precisely control the processing temperature. The cooling medium used in the machine tool is the cutting fluid. Therefore, there should be an oil chiller can cool the cutting fluid.

Chillers need to force oil around some of its internal components to provide lubrication and remove heat caused by friction.An electrical heating element also sits within the vessel to ensure oil it kept at the correct temperature, it will turn on and warm the oil if the temperature sensor detects that it is too low.

Hexacool air cooled chillers are a exact solution for any application. An oil chiller cooling capacity range between 1.5 kw to 35 kw.

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