Panel AC

Hexacool panel air conditioner present to you protection against heat dust and humidity for trouble the performance of your vital and expensive electronic equipment. hexacool air conditioner are  universal in terms of its Adaptibility owning to a Portfolio of models that has emerged as a result of rich and long experience in the field of thermal engineering. This are designed,manufactured and tested at the factory and at sophisticated third party laboratory to ensure efficient operation and customer satisfaction.

These air conditioners are versatile and can also be used for applications other than the one they were primarily manufactured for, for example, they can be utilized to condition any enclosure containing electronic equipment, drives or components which are sensitive to temperature, humidity and dust particles. The standard air conditioners are provided with digital display temperature controllers, mechanical dust filters and use eco-friendly refrigerant, R134a.

The panel air conditioner are easy to install and are supported with palnt trained experts with immediate access to common spare parts.the unit feature a rugged design durable for inside and outside application.built in quality along with hexacool role is sales support,make the panel air conditioner a logical choice for the specific cooling of sensitive electrical enclouser.

  • Air flow :- two circuit 
    • Internal circuit :- this is circulate cool air in the panel.
    • External circuit :- this is dissipates extracted heat to the atmosphere.
  • Cooling circuit :- in this compressor, metering device and refrigerant equipments.
  • Temperature controller :- microprocessor with lED display and easy to access machine includes adjustable time delay,set temperature,high and low limit and etc.
  • Alarm:- where required,potential free output for high temperature alarm can be provide eeith electronic temperature controller.
  • Drain pipe :- to remove condensate in the panel.



Capacity (W)







Power (KW) Current (A) Dimensions (HxWxD)
HC000X1AC Reciprocating 250 Vertical R134a 1PH 0.20 1.6 480x300x250
HC000X2AC Reciprocating 600 Vertical R134a 1PH 0.26 2.0 480x300x250
HC000X3AC Reciprocating 1000 Vertical R134a 1PH 0.60 3.5 700x350x275
HC000X5AC Reciprocating 1500 Vertical R134a 1PH 0.82 3.6 700x350x275
HC000X6AC Reciprocating 2000 Vertical R134a 1PH 0.95 5.3 700x350x275
HC001X0AC Reciprocating 3500 Vertical R134a 1PH 1.60 7.8 1000x400x380
HC001Y0AC Reciprocating 3500 Vertical R134a 3PH 1.50 3.7 1000x400x380
HC002X0AC Reciprocating 7000 Vertical R134a 1PH 3.70 16.5 1000x400x380
HC000X3DC Reciprocating 1000 Horizontal R134a 1PH 0.60 3.4 700x450x500
HC000X5DC Reciprocating 1500 Horizontal R134a 1PH 0.93 4.4 700x450x500
HC000X6DC Reciprocating 2000 Horizontal R134a 1PH 1.10 5.5 700x450x500
HC001X0DC Reciprocating 3500 Horizontal R134a 1PH 1.60 7.9 875x550x550
HC002X0DC Reciprocating 7000 Horizontal R134a 1PH 2.80 12.3 875x550x550
HC003X0DC Reciprocating 10500 Horizontal R134a 1PH 3.90 14.7 1150x700x650
  • CNC machine tools
  • Telecome equipment
  • Robotics
  • Process control equipments
  • Automation
  • Textile machine
  • Furnace and elevator control
  • Plastic industry
  • Driver panel
  • Computer/server
Door and side mounting
Duct/hose mounting